About Us

about-us-img-1Manufacturing innovative, high-performing windows has always been a mission of Sunrise Windows, and the Restorations line of products is an outcome of this mission.

Homeowners have told us many things: They want extremely energy efficient windows to help save money heating and cooling their homes. They want windows that enhance their curb appeal so the value of their home increases. They want windows strong and durable enough to last a lifetime. And, they want windows requiring virtually no maintenance and upkeep.

Sound like a tall order for windows? Not for Restorations.

Our unique narrow-line window design emulates the look of traditional windows. To make this narrow line window strong, energy efficient, and maintenance free, we married PVC with Fiberglass and created a material called FiberCore – an all-new way of making a window. The internal core of the extrusion is made of a pultruded core of fiberglass, because it’s stronger than PVC, metal or wood, and is extremely thermally efficient.

If fiberglass is so good, why not make the entire window out of it?

Simple. Fiberglass is not a maintenance-free material; it needs to be stained or painted. To make a window out of fiberglass would mean we would have to mechanically fasten or screw the corners together, instead of fusion welding them together so they won’t leak over time.

FiberCore allows us to combine the best of both worlds; the strength of fiberglass, with the durability of PVC.

And it’s only available on Restorations Innovative Window Systems.