Choosing A Dealer

8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Window Dealer

We’ve all heard horror stories – some of them on the nightly news, some of them from family, friends, or neighbors – about contractors who’ve taken a homeowner for an expensive, heart-breaking ride. It’s true. There are plenty of shady characters out there with scams and “too good to be true” deals. Not only does a conscientious homeowner want to avoid these guys, you also want to avoid doing business with the inexperienced, unorganized or lazy dealer who will tend to make your remodeling project frustrating and time-consuming.

To help make sure you end up working with a dealer or contractor who respects and appreciates your business, we’ve put together some questions you can ask and things you can do to pick a good one.

  • Has the dealer been in business for 5 years or more?
  • Are they a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Do they have a list of references?
  • Are they licensed, bonded, and insured?
  • Look for a dealer who has a fully-staffed office and a professional showroom.
  • Check the quality of other jobs they have done.
  • Contact the manufacturer of the product they want to sell you. Are they an authorized dealer?
  • Ask around – neighbors, friends, family, coworkers – for the names of dealers who’ve worked well for them.

We hope you find this guide helpful in selecting a contractor or dealer you can trust.